Interaction Design/User Experience


This project is from my Microsoft Expo class with topic on Conversational User Interface. Our group came up with the idea of Wingtip, a new generation of ID card embedded with a CUI(Conversational User Interface) that helps people shorten the learning curve and adapt into a new environment better and more smoothly.

Collaboration: Maddy Harrison, Mingxiao Hu, Olivia Rao, Summer Shang.
My role: research, ideation, storyboarding, filming, visual identity.



Design Process



Most members in our group are international students, so when we were brainstorming on our project direction, we shortly settled on developing something that helps people blend into the new environment smoothly.



From our primary research on people from both local group and transplantation group, we found that people generally have interests in making friends with people from different groups; however, there are some pain points and obstacles appearing during the process.


Through research, we found that the best way to make two groups feel connected is to share something they have in common.

Sharing common interests gives us the opportunity to shorten the learning curve for international students to blend into a new environment by: 

  • creating a gateway for different individuals/groups to initiate/facilitate a conversation

  • building up the understanding between international students and local people



Using University of Washington as an example, there are a lot of UW resources and local events waiting for students to join. Currently, the notifications of these events are published through myUW, campus calendar, The Daily, RSO calendar, Twitter, HUB calendar, Facebook—splitting between more than 12 platforms.


With all useful resources in hands, the next question comes to:
How could the technology be distributed equally to all of the students at UW?



The answer is: Husky Card (UW student ID card)—A student ID card takes the journey through college with you. It stores a lot of personal information and most people take it everywhere; making it the perfect platform. Embedded with our CUI, Wingtip, Husky Card can empower new students with all the available resources.


Through voice input, Wingtip learns your interests and securely protects them on your UW account. It also recommends nearby events base on your location and your interests. The CUI aspect of Wingtip works on the card, but it can be accessed through the myUW website and app or through messaging.


How It Works

Wingtip is your friend and companion who gives you support from the beginning. It shows up at the right time to help people and not interferes user's life at other time.