The & shop

Exhibition Design


People are complex−while it is human instinct to make quick and instant judgments, it can often limit our scope and hinder possible relationships.

How do others define you?
How do you define yourself?

Using the grocery store as a model, The & Shop creates a shopping experience that reminds participants to slow down and realize people might not be who they appear to be.


Collaboration: Jes Noparat, Summer Shang, Sarah Linton
My role: ideation, system/flow planning, mockup, refinement, visual style



Event Trailer


Exhibition Front

The event takes place in Downtown Seattle. The appearance of the exhibition is decorated as a grocery store. 


Floor Plan

The exhibition is divided into 4 sections. And the overall space is arranged to mimic a grocery store setting. 


Section 1

When a visitor first enters The & Shop, he/she is greeted with Polaroids of various strangers. They are prompted to pick one of the photographs and proceed to the standing tables. Here, the visitor will fill out what he/she thinks of the person in the Polaroid. This process is guided by a fill-in-the-blank format. For example: He/ She likes to _______ in his/her free time, and would describe himself/herself as a very _______ and _______ person. The visitor has the option to listen to a couple songs hand picked by the photographed person, while the visitor is completing this exercise.


Section 2

Once completed, the visitor proceeds to the scanner wall. Here he/she will see how accurate their preconceived notions of the photographed person was, by comparing the answers from the actual person displayed on the iPads.


Section 3

In the second half of The & Shop, the visitors will be shopping to describe themselves! Similar to the typical shopping experience, boxes will be located on shelves which the visitors collect in their shopping carts. These boxes will be labeled with various ways to describe oneself: through adjectives, hobbies, likes, etc. Each aisle will be labeled the corresponding category. Once the visitor has filled their cart or is satisfied with the descriptors chosen, they will proceed to the self-check out stations with their carts. Here they will scan their boxes and get their receipt containing a list of their personality traits along with a message from The & Shop. And then, he/she will be asked to take a polaroid as well as pick a couple of their favorite tunes, so information will be looped back to the system.


Section 4

After shopping the boxes, visitors go to the checkout section where they will have a receipt summarizing the boxes they chose. At the bottom they will need to sign their name under the statement to agree that they "will always try to get to know someone first before judging them".  After the checkout section, there is also a branding wall where a large “&” is pasted on the wall. The visitors have the ability to place the stickers from the boxes on the “&” wall to leave their words.


Branding Asset





Design Process


Early Drafts