more than her beauty

Digital Publication


This digital publication contains a collection of articles that celebrate Audrey Hepburn's life. Designed specifically for iPad Mini screen, this publication contains four chapters narrating Audrey Hepburn's stories in her different stages. As one of the famous Hollywood icons, Audrey won people's hearts by staying true and being herself. Her elegant and approachable character is impressive. Corresponding to Audrey's personality, the publication stays in a clean and elegant visual style without extravagant decorations.


Chapter Openers & Consistent Typography Language

This publication consists of 4 chapters-— “Growing Up”, “Golden Era”, “Love And Family”, and “UNICEF”—telling stories of Audrey Hepburn at different stages. Articles in each chapter are color-coded while the whole publication is arranged in similar style to create consistency.


Why did I chose to create this in digital publication?

After my research about publications of Audrey Hepburn's biography, I found out that most books about Audrey are still tradition publications. There isn't any digital publication about her on the market yet; therefore, I decided to explore something new. In the publication, I found opportunities to embed different media in it, so that people can engage with not only texts and still images, but also video, audio, and even outside resource-—which enrich the contents from different aspects, making the presentation more vivid, and therefore rendering Hepburn’s story more appealing and complete.

Embedding video helps to make the content more dynamic and enrich the text. 


User can easily find and shop the movies online if they are interested in.
On marketing aspect, this provides and encourages business opportunity.